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Witter Publishing are a unique company of creative designers. We create and sell designs for lanyards and sell the designs as a piece price or for loyalties. Where did we begin?

Witter Publishing

Well the owner of our company worked for a number of large fortune 500 companies fronting some large logo design changes and imagery for marketing campaigns that where seen by millions throughout the world. He had achieved what he wanted in respect to his career working for a company and then wanted a new challenge. This is where his idea to create a business that specialised in a certain design for a specific product.

Why did he choose lanyards in particular you may ask?

Well lanyards are more relevant in our lives then you might first realise. For example they are used in places like work places where they hold important things and documents like staff ID cards or access cards that will help you to keep things safe. These lanyards should be bespoke to your business to ensure that your company looks professional at all times.  There is other occasions such as charity events. Events like the children in need events that are seen by millions throughout the world they create exposure by allowing people to donate by buying products that are easy to sell like lanyards. They are highly customised year on year to ensure that people still want new ones time and time again. Basically though a very useful item they are a consumable that run out of and need refreshing.

What makes our service truly a great lanyard experience?

Well not only did we want to create designs that are unique and eye catching we also wanted to give the everyday designer to be the chance to create there own design on our online software and have it created. For that reason we went and sorted a bespoke deal with a ID solutions company that provide products like lanyards, ID card printers and visitor software. The company we found best for all those products but especially the lanyards was a UK based company that offer a worldwide service called Lesar. The process is very simple. We create our designs and then send them to Lesar Lanyards to get them approved at which point they will come back to us after using there expert knowledge to suggest improvements to the design or what we requested the lanyard to be printed on which ensures we will get the best finish possible. Once all these details are ironed out we then let Lesar print the lanyards they aim for a 5 day turn around on designs that don’t require a great deal of security features but we usually get all the lanyards within 3 working days. There prices are a little higher maybe then the other companies by a pence or so but the quality is second to none and really when you are ordering anything bespoke then you want to have a quality finish to the end result.

Contact Us for more information

Do you have any other questions about our service? Then please see our frequently asked question page to see if you can find the answer to them. But if not don’t worry! Simply contact us via the contact us page and we will be glad to  help you to ensure you get the best service possible.

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